Choosing Between a Refrigerated Truck or Van


If you are looking into refrigerated transport, there are two options to consider which are refrigerated vans or trucks. There are so many benefits you can gain from refrigerated transport such as making perishable food available for consumers all year round and ensuring that these products are safe for consumption or use. In addition to food, chemicals, personal care products like perfumes, flowers, precious art and pharmaceuticals are transported this way.

So how do you choose between a van fridge and a refrigerated truck? It all depends on your requirements. And the most noticeable differences are that the storage capacity of a refrigerated truck is larger than a van and therefore you can transport more products. However, the cost is higher when purchasing a refrigerated truck so you need to consider your budget. Think about how you are planning to use the vehicle. Think about how many hours the vehicle has to be kept running and how much distance you will be covering daily, weekly and monthly. The engine power also needs to be considered whether you are going for petrol or diesel power. Consider the nature of products you are transporting and the temperature they need. Sometimes you will have several types of products that will need a similar range of temperatures. Or there can be products that will need different temperature ranges and therefore will need to be kept separate.

Think about a budget that is affordable for you.

You can then look into vans and trucks that are on the market to see which prices they come with. Make sure you check for reputed sellers that have good customer reviews. And whether to purchase a used or brand new vehicle is another decision that you will need to take. There are also certain features and characteristics to look for in a used vehicle to see if you can use it for a long time without having to do major repairs. While the initial cost of a used vehicle is less, you need to add costs required for maintenance and repair work. It is also best to select a mechanic that has experience with repairing refrigerated vehicles before you choose a used vehicle.

There is another option you can consider

You can buy a used van or truck and add a refrigeration system to it. You can consider the costs of all three options as pertaining to vans and trucks if you are on a very limited budget. Think about where you will be travelling in the refrigerated vehicle. If you are looking for a vehicle for local area delivery, then it may be better to choose a van as this can easily be parked in smaller places and you can manoeuvre the van in tight corners with ease compared to a truck. But if you are transporting goods over long distances, then a truck may be the better solution. Consider the maintenance costs for brand new trucks and vans as well. Travelling over large distances can subject the vehicle to more wear and tear which means you need a reliable and experienced mechanic to monitor problems and provide solutions.

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