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Brambuk operates two separate tours which showcase the Aboriginal heritage and exceptional environment of the area.
Aboriginal people have always known the Grampians as Gariwerd.
Gariwerd is a spiritual place, a place rich in dreaming stories, sacred sites, bush-tucker, water and shelter, a place central to the dreaming of the Djab Wurrung and the Jardwadjali peoples; it is home to 90% of the Rock Art sites in Victoria, with some dating back 22,000 years. Their descendents are still involved in Gariwerd and maintain the culture and the stories of the land.
The Grampians National Park itself is internationally renowned for its abundant wildlife, waterfalls, rugged rock formations, spectacular views and stunning spring wildflower displays.
Bunjil Creation Tour

Bunjil Creation Tour

Learn the local Dreamtime creation story, view the ancient Rock Art at the resting place of the Creator Spirit Bunjil, his two helpers the Bram-Bram-Bult brothers, and learn about the spiritual significance of the area.
Six Seasons Tour

Six Seasons Tour

Be immersed in the Aboriginal culture and spectacular environment of the Grampians National Park, learn ancient practices see a variety of ancient rock art and view the Park from the best vantage points.
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