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  Bushfoods Cafe  

Bushfoods Cafe

Be adventurous, our menu combines traditional aboriginal food with the more contemporary menus of today. Try a the Kangaroo, Emu, Crocodile or a vegetarian dish. Our menu also caters for the less adventurous as well, there is a meal to suit everyone.
Enjoy a coffee and get in touch with someone at home with free wi-fi with any purchase.
Bushfoods Garden

Taste our culture

For thousands of years aboriginal people of this area have lived on Kangaroo, Birds, Eggs, Tortises, Fish, Yam Daisies, wattle seeds and many more raw ingredients of Gariwerd.
Grinding Stone

Experience our culture

Fish traps, Grinding Stones, coolaman scars on trees and animal remains exposed from oven pits depict the many varities of foods our people harvested from Gariwerd for thousands of years.
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